This valve is complete shut-off valve for gas. The sphere body has two discs inside. These discs turn 90¡Æ centering the support shaft to open and close. After the discs come to the ¡®close¡¯ positions, a rod inside the support shaft comes out to press seal ring of the discs to the seat parts. This type valve has much more excellent efficiency, particularly as gas valve for large and middle caliber pipes, than conventional valves.

water seal gas valves

water seal gas valves
1. Size
¡ØOther size are available on request.
2. Working Pressure
  Max. 2§¸/§² (Other Working Pressure are available on request.)
3. Fluid
4. Operation
  Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Manual
5. Main Material
  Body : FCD450
Adaptor : FCD450
Bonnet : FCD450
Upper Shaft : FCD450
Support Shaft : FCD450
Disc Arm : FCD450
Lower Shaft : FCD450
Valve Disc : FCD450
Stand : FCD450
Cam : FCD450
Seal Ring : VITON
Support Bearing : STS304
Bracket : FCD450
Manhole Cover : SS400
Holder : GC200
Dust Hole Cover : SS400
Over Flow Pipe : SS400
Actuator : ASS'Y
¡ØOther materials are available on request.
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