A large size square sluice gate with outside steam screw, Controlled by a headstock, operated by handwheel, hydraulic, oil pressure cylinder or electric motor. An extra large size version is available with duplex headstock
  1. Size
    Nominal size : 200mm~4,000mm
  2. Fluid
    Service water, sewage, sea water etc.
  3. Working Pressure
  4. Main Material
    *Body : Cast iron (GC200)
              Ductile Cast Iron (GCD450)
*Disc : Cast Iron (GC200)
              Ductile Cast Iron (GCD450)
*Stem : Stainless Steel (STS304, STS403)
*Seat : Bronze Casting (BC6)
             Stainless Steel (STS304)
  The Other materials are available on request

rectangular type sluice gate

rectangular type sluice gate
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