motor driven sluice valves

motor driven sluice valves
Electro drives with standard flanges are suitable for direct installation to our valves. The standard type includes a torque switch, a limit switch for both open, closed positions as well as an emergency actuator in form of a hand-wheel for manual operation and inter-lock switch for the safety device in manual operations. As special type, there are also "Explosion Proof" actuators available.
1. Size
2. Working Pressure
  Max. 10§¸/§² (16, 20§¸/§² are available on request.)
3. Valve End
  Flange(KS D 4309, ISO 15590)
ĦĜOther standards are available on request.
4. Fluid
5. Direction of Operating
  Counter-clockwise to open
6. Test Pressure
  Leakage test 10§¸/§²
Shell test 17.5§¸/§² (50mm~350mm)
14§¸/§² (400mm~1500mm)
7. Main Material
  Body Cast Iron (GC200)
Ductile Cast Iron (GCD450)
Disc Cast Iron (GC200)
Ductile Cast Iron (GCD450)
Stem Stainless Steel (STS304, STS403)
Chromium Molybdenum Steel (SCM440)
Seat Bronze Casting (BC6)
Stainless Steel (STS304)
ĦĜOther materials are available on request.
8. Coating
  Epoxy resin coating or Fusion epoxy powder coating
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