HDPE-Nonmetallic Penstock This Penstock designed for flow control in a water treatment area,
a irrigation and spare area for a water works.
1. Size
ĦĜOther size are available on request.
2. Working Pressure
  Max. 10 mAq.
3. Fluid
  Water (freshwater, seawater)
4. Main Material
  Door Plate : HDPE
Cross Support : STS304
Support Block : HDPE
Hinge Ass'y : ASS'Y
Spindle : STS304
Frame Plate : HDPE
Guide Rail : STS304
Upper Cross Binder : STS304
Bottom Stopper : STS304
Spindle Guide Ass'y : ASS'Y
5. Direction of Operating
  Counter-clockwise to open
hdpe nonmetallic gates

hdpe nonmetallic gates

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