Fixed Cone valve is a free discharge valve whose control of flow rate is very simple and easy regardless of the magnitude of the water head. The valve is used for extra water discharge at dams and reservoirs, flow control of downstream agricultural water, protection discharge of hydraulic turbine or distributing reservoir water. The streamline shape at discharge is distributed into a conical shape and the energy of the fluid gets very weak, and therefore there is no harm to any object in the way of discharged water. Additionally, if discharge in a distributed status is not appropriate, discharge can be performed in a parallel jet status by attaching a cylindric hood at the downstream of the body or inside the water. This means that it is classified and used as an in-air discharge type and an in-water discharge type.
1. There is a big attenuation effect with regard to the fluid.
2. Actuating force is very small as the force applied on the valve is balanced.
3. Since the discharge coefficient is big, the valve diameter gets smaller and the conduit line can be designed with a small
     diameter as well.
4. Operation is smooth at any opening angle and adjustment of minimal flow rate is also possible.
5. Maintenance and checking are very convenient as the moving part is installed outside of the main body of the valve.
6. The product is as robust as the structure is simple.
Manual, motor driven and hydraulic method

The structure: The valve is connected to the upstream of the water conduction line, while the other side is connected with the radial rib in a cone shape. The cylindric gate slides around the circumference of the body and driving device. The body and gate are in a general welding structure and the seat part is in a stainless steel plate material or a copper material welding overlay. The main body and the sliding part of the gate is made of a welding overlay of stainless steel. And opening and closing of the valve is done by sliding the gate upstream and downstream of the main body. This driving part transfers the torque of the drive shaft to Bevel Gear, Worm Gear and Screw and moves the gate to the front and rear along the nuts fixed on the gate. Hydraulic drive is also possible by attaching servo cylinders on both sides of the main body.

Discharge flow follows the following formulas.

: Discharge flow (/sec)
: Discharge coefficient at full opening of the valve (0.85)
:Acceleration of gravity (9.8 )
: Head (m), : Valve diameter (m)
: Valve area
Fixed cone discharge valve

Fixed cone discharge valve

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