Nominal diameter - 200 ~ 2700mm
Pressure - 2.94Mpa (30/)
Major material - Body : SS400, SM450
                                Gate : SS400, SM400
                                Spindle : SUS403
                                Seat : SS400 + SUS304 welding overlay
Installed on a round cross section and downstream of the pipe
     mainly for high dam discharge, and the flow is controlled by the
     movement of the gate after installing a 90 cone in the center.
     The actuating force of the gate is very small and the transfer power
     to open and close the gate is almost constant during the entire

dam discharge valve

dam discharge valve

Nominal diameter - 250 ~ 1500mm
Pressure - 0.98Mpa (10/)
Major materia - Body : SM450, SS400
                               Gate : SUS304, SS400
                               Spindle : SUS304, SUS403
                               Seat : ALBC
Used in the medium position such as discharge line, etc., this is a gate that
     controls the flow of the high head. Since the jet flow following the seat ring gets
     distributed and discharged through the gate slot, the cavitation characteristic is


Nominal diameter - 250 ~ 2000mm
Pressure - 2.94Mpa (30/)
Major materials - Body : SC450, SS400
                                  Needle : SC450, SS400
The valve is for the control of the flow for high heads. The flow is
     adjusted through the regulation of the gap between the body and
     the needle. The discharge is effected with a lot of air mixed inside.
     There is no vibration caused by the discharge and the fine tuning of
     the flow is possible throughout the opening of the valve.


Nominal diameter - 300 ~ 1600mm
Pressure - 0.98Mpa (10/)
Major materials - Body): SUS304L Sleeve : SS400
The valve attenuates by absorbing the discharged energy that rapidly propagates
    inside the vertical attenuation tank. There are a lot of benefits such as its compact
    size, light weight, the rational structure of the valve itself, its simplicity, etc.
    derived from its vertical attenuation tank characteristic.

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