Combined Non return valve

Combined Non return valve
Emergency valve can control the flow direction in order to prevent the breakage of pipes by the reverse flow due to the sudden rising of the flow speed. When ordered by contral device. The closing speed of the valve disc can be adjusted.
- Opening valve
- Closing valve
- Keeping the valve open at the intermediate position
- Emergency self-closing
¡¡(adjustable disc closing time by two steps-site adjustment available)
- Emergency valve can be substituted for butterfly valve & check valve.
- Control the flow by keeping the valve open at the intermediate degree.
- Adjustable the disc closing speed by two steps. When the valve close by position to prevent
¡¡(can be closed slowly at the 85 degree closing position to prevent water hammering)
¡¡Can be closed quickly be emergency situation to prevent the reverse flow as general check valve usage.
- The cost of the installation and maintenance can be reduced.
- Free from shaking and noise.
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